• Chocolate Ball

    Loads of flavour and a lot of fun, all rolled into one - the Arun Icecreams Chocolate Ball!
  • Bites - Choco & Red Velvet

    Fall in love with our Chocolate and Red Velvet Flavoured Ice Cream Bites
  • Ice Cream Sandwich - Butterscotch

    Delicious butterscotch ice cream sandwiched between two biscuits. Guaranteed to keep you coming back for more.
  • PUSHUP Bar - Cotton Candy

    An innovative product with an interesting method of consumption. Fun for kids!
  • bites - Cotton Candy

    Relive the carnival spirit delicious melt-in-the-mouth Cotton Candy pops.
  • bites - Lychee

    Pop in this lychee flavoured Bites for a quick bit of indulgence.
  • Ice Cream Sandwich - Cookies & Cream

    Cookies and cream sandwiched between two crunchy wafers.
  • Bites vanilla

  • Bites Raspberry

  • Bites - Choco Toffee

    A one-bite dessert with a chocolate surface, filled with toffee ice cream.
  • Casatta slice

    A great combination of layers of delightful flavours and exquisite cake. A wonderful dessert.
  • Cake slice

    Delicious cake wrapped around creamy layers of ice cream. Exotic, indeed.
  • Mini Ball Vanilla