• Little Love

    A delightful treat of sweet and tangy berry flavour with rich white chocolate coating.
  • Triples

    A blend of lime, orange and mint for triple the fun
  • Popitos

    A little raw mango tanginess with a hint of sweetness
  • Bazooka

    An explosive coming together of pineapple and jamun
  • Smiley

    A Chocolate & Butterscotch flavoured ice cream bar that will make you smile with every bite
  • Watermelon

    A pista and watermelon flavoured delight, perfect for summer.
  • Whale - Butterscotch & Cotton Candy

    A combination of butterscotch and cotton candy, shaped like a whale - designed to make a splash.
  • Two in one mango

    Mango flavoured bar with a delightful creamy core
  • Chocobar

    Get mesmerized with our chocobar - a popular favourite
  • Likstick - orange

    A refreshing candy bar with tangy orange flavour. Truly tantalizing
  • Likstick - grape

    Classic grape makes this bar an enticing experience for your taste buds.
  • Yummy bear - Chocolate & blackcurrant

    Some icecreams are truly irresistible. Especially when they are bear shaped!
  • Spiral - mango & litchi

    Mango and litchi - get blissfully lost amidst the spiral flavours.
  • Spiral - wildberry, vanilla & pineapple

    wildberry, vanilla & pineapple - get blissfully lost amidst the spiral flavours.
  • Fun wheel - vanilla & chocolate

    Round and round you go, as the flavours of Vanilla and chocolate swirl in your mouth!
  • Jolly train

    Set off on an exciting journey as this train shaped icecream takes you on a jolly ride!
  • Trio - raspberry, vanilla & mango

    Three is a happy crowd, as three exotic flavours vie for your attention
  • Kulfi king

    Kulfi king! It's the fun way to indulge